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Cooperation model
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BOT Mode

We will fund, construct and manage the sewage treatment and reuse system for you, and hand it over to you free of charge after the contract expires

Operational hosting

If you are worried about the operation and management of the sewage treatment and reuse system, please leave your troubles to us. We will transform the sewage treatment system for you free of charge (if necessary), and take full responsibility for the management of the sewage treatment and reuse system with our professionalism and perfect professional management system, so as to solve your worries

Technical Adviser

We can provide you with long-term and short-term technical consulting services and personnel training services to help you solve technical problems and improve the level of personnel

Turnkey project construction

When your business is booming and you need to build a new base urgently, we can assist you in communicating with relevant government departments, starting from the design of water distribution and drainage in the workshop, to the design, construction and establishment of a complete management system of sewage treatment and reuse systems. Until it passes the environmental protection acceptance, it will be handed over to you